Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White Inspiration

This week work has been crazy and I've found myself dreaming instead of doing, so I thought I'd share some photos from my "inspiration file". I can't remember where I found the one on the left, but I just love that gilded sofa. Another one for my wish list!
More and more these days I seem to be drawn toward an elegant simplicity.

Photo: Apartment Therapy
Design: Alexandria Nolita

I still love vintage, and a juxtaposition of rustic and refined elements, but these days, I seem to be craving a much quieter mix.

Photo: Ticking and Toile

I think this living room has such a peaceful quality about it. While predominantly modern, there are vintage elements present in the mantle and mirror. The dog statues were flea market finds. The long, billowy curtains add an air of softness and romance.

Photo: Metropolitan Home

Of course, I still love "stuff", and I find the photo below very appealing. I love the wrought iron daybed. Perhaps one day I'll find one in my price range.

Photo: Country Living

Of course it just doesn't get much better than this!

Photo: New York Times
Design: Sandra Foster

I love all the classical elements in this photo, and especially like how the mirrors were layered. I believe I could do without the enamel ware pot in front of the fireplace, though. A chippy, rusty, old urn, in my opinion would be so much nicer.

Photo: Country Living

Here's a new addition to my inspiration files. This living room is on the cover of the current Elle Decor magazine. I'm in love with the mural by Bob Christian.

Photo: Elle Decor
Design: Suzanne Rheinstein

This is another shot from the same New York apartment. The floors here were also painted by Bob Christian.

Photo: Elle Decor
Design: Suzanne Rheinstein

Another of my current cravings is the pairing of aqua or turquoise with white, and black accents.

Photo: Elle Decor
Design: Delphine Krakoff

And now for a few items on my wish list. I absolutely love this ruffled shower curtain! I wish I'd saved the source info, but I didn't. (My apologies if this happens to be yours).

I did find a similar one, however, at Anthropologie. If I had the budget, I could really get addicted to that store!

Photo and design: Anthropologie

And finally, last by not least, I want this piece of art! The photographic artist is Jennifer Molley Wilson. You may recognize her work from another White Wednesday post from a couple of weeks ago.

Photo: Jennifer Molley Wilson

Well, folks, I guess that's it for me today. Time to stop drooling and start doing. Thanks for visiting! I hope you've enjoyed browsing some of the images in my inspiration file with me.

Until next time,
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  1. Hi Sheilla ~ I love your inspiration file! Thanks for sharing. It's interesting how our tastes can slowly change over time ~ there seems to be many different styles that will appeal to us at different times. Well, time to put your tongue away and get back to work (lol)! Hugs ~ Lisa

  2. LOVE your images today. I have that first ruffly shower curtain from Urban Outfitters and love it:) The antique crib turned love seat is sooo pretty!Just became your newest follower:)
    blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Hi Sheilla,
    Your insipiration file is just that...inspiring. I too am craving aqua with black and white. My new passion is zebra print with aqua.

  4. Thanks for sharing-I love inspirational photos!

  5. Love ALL the inspiring pics Sheilla... I hopped on over from Faded Charm's White Wednesday... ~ Glad I'm now following along...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  6. ...Enjoyed for sure!...oh my goodness!......stunning ...Thanks for sharing..

  7. Oh yeah...I love all the images you posted, especially the third one from top! All gorgeous!!!

    Happy White Wednesday!

  8. I'm glad I found you and now I'm a follower. I agree with you on all the above. Looking forward to going back through your blog.


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