Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Artist Profile:
Jennifer Molley Wilson

Today it is my privilege to introduce to you a very talented emerging phototgraphic artist, and someone it is my pleasure to call "friend", Jennifer Molley Wilson. Because it's White Wednesday, I'm selecting some of her works in white to share with you. Jennifer has an amazing gift for taking the ordinary to an extraordinary level.
Click on any photo to enlarge.

Her camera is the Apple iPhone 3GS, using the Hipstamatic 175 iPhone Camera App

All elements are photographed just as they are found.

It goes against her artistic message
to rearrange objects
that have already been posed by serendipity.

In keeping with this artistic
message no photographs are edited or retouched.

She is fascinated by the precision born from randomness

The objects that gather in some forgotten corner.

The fading facade of a forlorn past.

These are the images she is compelled to preserve

Jennifer will soon be exibiting her work in a new artist coop/gallery in Bristol, Tennessee, with plans to expand into the Asheville, North Carolina galleries in the near future.
To see more of her work, you can visit her online gallery.
To purchase, you may contact the artist directly at
Jennifer is very quickly becoming one of my favorite artists!
I hope you've enjoyed this little photo tour as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you.

Until next time,
I'm linking up with "White Wednesday" at Faded Charm. Come on over and check things out at Kathleen's gorgeous blog!


  1. Dear Sheilla: All of Jennifer's photos are quite beautiful and sometimes we forget to find the beauty in the everyday objects that surround us! I'm not a fan of staged photography except when the subject is home decor or some object of desire. Living subjects always look best in some kind of natural setting.

  2. The colors she uses really makes you notice the details!

  3. Beautiful photography. Jennifer is able to find the beauty in natural settings. She has an amazing talent.

  4. Great images. Love the little details she sees.

  5. Beautiful images. I love the subjects and the effects she uses. I plan to visit the web site!

  6. Thank you, Sheilla, for your blog mention...and thank you all for your kind comments! Jennifer


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