Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is a bittersweet entry for me. Bitter because of the damage done to a lovely book, and sweet in that I've relished the memories of it while composing this post. You see, the
book I'm referring to is a book of French fairy tales* that was given to me in my childhood my my late Aunt Sara. It has perhaps the most beautiful illustrations** I've ever seen, and was my favorite book as a child. Enter Hurricane Hugo in 1989. My home was severely
damaged by the storm, and my cherished book as well. I've clung to it all these years in its sad condition, but have finally

decided to move on. I just finished photographing the illustrations in the book to preserve them as best I can. Now I'm
going to remove some of the less damaged prints and frame them. Others will be "reborn" into new pieces of art, as I incorporate them into my collages.

Now I'd like to share some of them with you.
Click on any image below to enlarge.


The Tinder Box

The Sleeping Beauty

Beauty and the Beast

The Seven Crow Princes

The Royal Ram

The Wild Swans

The White Deer

Queen Cat

Donkey Skin

Puss In Boots

Urashima and the Turtle


I hope you've enjoyed browsing some of the pages of my beloved childhood book with me. I've certainly enjoyed sharing them!

Until next time,
*This book was initally published in France in 1958. Rights were purchased by Golden Books and it was subsequently published in the United States. My edition was published in 1966 and was part of the seventh printing.
**The amazingly beautiful illustrations in this book were done by Adrienne Sègur.
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  1. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful! What a very special book ~ I'm sorry to hear about the damage done by Hugo. I'm certain you'll be able to use what you can and turn some of the pages into a new creation that can be enjoyed for many years to come! Hugs ~ Lisa

  2. That is an absolutely adorable book. The illustrations will be beautiful framed. I know you will enjoy them forever.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. What adorable illustrations! I'm so sorry your book was damaged. I have always loved Fairy Tales and I guess I always will.


  4. Hi Sheilla,
    The illustrations are beautiful. I feel bad about your book but it sounds as though you're carrying loving memories of this book in your heart forever, what a wonderful thing that is... nothing can take that away ever.

    When you get a chance, drop me a line with your parcel info, you're a winner of my Petite French Bohemian Giveaway sweetheart.

  5. I love this book - it was also one of my very favorites. I still have my copy, and am so sorry yours was damaged. However I did check amazon, and they have new ones available as well as a few of the 1966 edition. You might want to check it out! And thanks for sharing the pictures, what a delightful surprise.

  6. by the way I have the book too.the outside cover is in not so good condition but the inside is absolutely beautiful. i have had this since I was four yrs old..


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