Friday, September 3, 2010

Simple as Black and White

I seem to be on a black and white kick lately. While I've always loved lots of white in my house, lately I've been deviating a bit from my usual pastels and adding some graphic punch with a number of black and white accents. I thought I'd show you some of my recent finds today. I'll start with an old photo that I came across at Goodwill last week.
While searching for some picture frames to use in the photo wall in my office, I came across this old black and white photograph of a little dog. It was housed in the most diabolical picture frame imaginable and I started to pass on it for that reason, but I kept going back and looking at this little guy, just literally begging for attention. Perhaps he belonged to a person who recently passed on. At any rate somehow he wound up at the Goodwill store because someone didn't cherish his memory, and that made me feel a little sad. I felt even sadder when thinking that someone else might buy the garish frame he was housed in and just throw away the picture, so I decided that I had to "rescue" him. Although I didn't know this pup, he will become a part of my adopted family and find a new home on my photo wall. Now I feel better!
I picked up the black and white saucer at a yard sale last weekend. It is surrounded by a bunch of great postcards that I lucked into for a dime a piece at a local close-out store.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the saucer when I bought it. Goodness knows I have more china than I know what to do with, but it was calling out,
"buy me, buy me", so I did. This is what I came up with:
Didn't it make a nice little photo frame? All I did was trace out the circle in the middle of the saucer, cut a photograph to fit and glue in place. By the way, that's me as a little girl with my grandmother's dog, Rusty.
I love old letters and numbers but rarely come across them, so I was especially excited to find this letter "D", as it is the first letter of my last name. It started out as a coat hook, though. The "D" sat atop a small wooden platform that was attached to a large hook. I sawed the platform off and painted it black.

My final find was one of those unexpected, unplanned purchases that you just know was waiting for you when you see it.
Isn't this old car just too much fun!
It found a spot on my bookcase next to the pic of my parents old Studebaker. I think they look pretty cool together. This was a tight budget week, so I think I did pretty well
with my $5.00 "allowance". Gotta love a bargain!

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Sheilla - you did oh so well with your budget this week. I love all your purchases (especially when it's a great deal). Thank goodness you rescued that cute little black dog - he really deserves a good home, which I'm sure you'll provide.

  2. Hi again Sheilla - I love all of your finds this week. You did great on a tight budget. With a little imagination and creativity, you have made a beautiful home.

  3. I love the way you have selected these and are creating something so stylish - keep going! You have picked some really interesting stuff~

  4. I am the queen of color and lately I'm thinking I would love a black and white room. Which makes me wonder if I'm feverish or something. But I REALLY do. Did you see Curious Diaries Halloween decorating..ohhh..mmaaaaa. G...Amazing!
    LOVE the plate with the pic, darn good idea. Will possibly steal it!!:)

  5. Thank you Sheilla for your visit.
    Your comment meant way to much to me! Thank you for your time and beautiful words of congrats :)
    I will be checking in on you so keep inspiring us:)

  6. Oh my gosh,
    I would have thought the same thing about that little dog. So glad you've given his photo a place in your lovely home. Don't know how people can throw things like that out, you're a real animal person after my own heart.

  7. I've just got to follow you back. Your blog is so pretty & I love the name! Animals lovers are the very best, so glad that beautiful black dog has a great home now... lots of rescues here too ;)

    Have a great weekend, Sheilla!

  8. This s great!I m hosting a 50 dollar CSN Giveaway and would love for you to stop by. Thanks Anu!

  9. Hi Sheilla, You are such a softy rescueing that sweet dog:-) I see photos and wonder why no one loves them anymore to... a little haunting at times. Your black saucer made a fabulous frame, very clever!
    Thanks for visiting me:-)

  10. I love the plate frame and the black and white colors. This post is so inspiring!!!

  11. The saucer as a frame is inspired! I have an accumulation of flowered saucers with no cups and never thought about using them this way. Great idea!


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